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Sea Of Thieves: Change Appearance Feature

Sea Of Thieves: Change Appearance Feature
In Sea Of Thieves, players can change their pirate’s appearance after purchasing the Pirate Appearance Potion in the Pirate Emporium.

Previously, Sea of Thieves did not have an option to change the character’s appearance in the game.

The game has fixed this issue as players can completely change to another pirate.

In Sea Of Thieves, players can change their pirate’s appearance after purchasing the Pirate Appearance Potion in the Pirate Emporium. However, they need 149 ancient coins, which is a premium in-game currency.

Continue reading this article to learn how to change your character’s appearance in Sea Of Thieves.

Changing Appearance Feature In Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves is an open-world game with a variety of customization features for the character.

However, it was only limited to cosmetics in the past as players could not change their characters.

Therefore, Sea of Thieves updated the game to provide a new way for players to change their character’s appearance.

Hence, players can easily pick a different pirate now as the game introduced the Pirate Appearance Potion.

change the character appearance
The Potion allows players to change the Appearance in Sea of Thieves.

This option allows the player to pick another pirate in the game and change its appearance.

Also, players would not lose their progress even after picking a new character in the game, unlike in the past.

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Steps To Change The Character Appearance

Although Sea of Thieves has introduced a new way to change the pirate’s appearance, players must follow some steps.

In fact, the steps are quite complicated because players also have to purchase a premium currency.

Here are all the steps that players must follow to change their appearance in Sea Of Thieves:

  1. Firstly, players must go to the outpost or the main menu and visit The Pirate Emporium.
The Pirate Emporium
The Pirate Emporium where players can shop an item to change their appearance.
  1. Secondly, talk to Errol the shopkeeper, and pick the Browse Errol’s Stock option after the first dialogue.
  2. Then, players must pick the Pirate tab on the shop option Menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Consecutively, they must buy the Pirate Appearance potion that appears in a blue bottle.
  4. However, players will note that this item requires 149 Ancient Coins– a premium in-game currency.
Pirate Appearance Potion
The menu window provides an option for purchasing the Pirate Appearance Potion.
  1. Therefore, players must possess these coins first which will cost 2.09$(USD).
  2. Finally, players can change their character’s appearance after purchasing and reloading the game.

Should Players Change The Character’s Appearance?

There are many advantages of changing the character appearance in Sea of Thieves.

However, players should note they do not provide any competitive advantage during the gameplay.

Here are some perks of purchasing the potion and changing the appearance in the game:

  1. First, players can add a new personality to the game, adding more elements of fun.
  2. Also, players will not lose any progress even after picking a new character in the game.
  3. Additionally, players can reset the game until their preferred pirate appears in the character option.
  4. Finally, players might also receive some bonus perks for making a premium purchase in the shop.

Furthermore, changing appearance in the game comes down to a player’s preference.

Therefore, free-to-play players should avoid this option if they just want to play the game for its quests.

The Bottom Line

Players are unhappy that Sea of Thieves requires premium currency to change their pirate’s appearance.

Therefore, most of the players just continue with their current character or reset the game for a new one.

However, those who want a new personality in the game can reference an online guide to change their character’s appearance.

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