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Rogue Trader Act 5: How To Progress?

rogue trader act 5
Progress through Act 5 in Rogue Trader.

Rogue Trader is a sci-fi RPG in Warhammer 40K where players play as a rogue trader.

Moreover, the game has multiple endings based on player choices.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Rogue Trader is the final Act 5, which is shrouded in mystery and challenges. However, many players have reported that they can’t progress to Act 5 either due to a bug or a glitch with the recent patches.
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Act 5 In Rogue Trader

Act 5 is the last and most difficult act of the game, where you have to navigate the Aviorus Drift.

It is a region of space that constantly changes due to the influence of the warp, the chaotic dimension of psychic energy.

The Aviorus Drift is a place of great danger and great opportunity, as it contains many wrecks, relics, and secrets.

However, it also contains many enemies, such as heretics, pirates, Xenos, and daemons, that will try to stop you.

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Why Players Can’t Progress To Act 5 In Rogue Trader?

Many players have reported that they are unable to progress to Act 5 in Rogue Trader, despite completing all the previous acts.

This is due to a bug in the game that prevents activating Act 5, leaving the players stuck.

Furthermore, this bug started to occur after the recent patch updates which broke the game.

The bug is caused by a missing or corrupted file in the game’s data, which is supposed to load the scene for Act 5.

The file is called KTC_BridgeBeforeWarpGate, and it contains the scene that lead to the transition from Act 4 to Act 5.

Without this file, the game cannot proceed to the final act, and the players are left pending.

Here are some of the bugs that payers have reported:

  1. Even after killing the boarding party nothing happens, and going back to the map there is no way to proceed toward the gate.
  2. Leaving the boarding party fight area just brings me back to the global map and doesn’t trigger the warp jump.

How To Progress To Act 5 In Rogue Trader?

A fix for the bug has been found by modders and players through a workaround.

It involves using a mod called ToyBox, which is a tool that allows players to access and modify the game.

Using Toy Box, players can manually load the missing file and activate the trigger for Act 5, bypassing the bug.

The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Firstly, download and install the Toy Box mod.
    Toy Box mod
    Download and install the Toy Box mod.
  2. Afterward, launch the game and load your save file.
  3. Then, open the Toy Box menu.
  4. Go to the Etudes tab and search for KTC_BridgeBeforeWarpGate.
    Go to the Etudes tab
    Go to the Etudes tab and search for bug file.
  5. Likewise, click the drop-down arrow next to “1 element” and then click Play scene KTC_BridgeBeforeWarpGate.
  6. You must be on the Voidship bridge to activate this, as it gives you the bridge event that should happen after being boarded.
  7. Finally, it will then transition to the end of Act 4 and let you continue playing in Act 5.

The Bottom Line

Rogue Trader offers players a multitude of choices but also presents significant challenges and obstacles.

One of the biggest challenges is the bug that prevents the players from reaching the final act.

However, using the Toy Box mod and some simple steps, the players can fix the bug and enjoy Rogue Trader.

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