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Stillmaker BG3: A Complete Guide

Stillmaker is a murder weapon in Baldur's Gate 3
Stillmaker is a murder weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3

In BG3, Stillmaker is a murder weapon found in the Open Hand Temple Murders.

Players can attend the quest once they reach Act Three, which will allow them to go to the village.

Stillmaker is the dagger used for murder in the Open Hand Murders quest in BG3. The dagger can be found in a hole in the ground on Rivington, where the priest was killed.

Continue reading to discover how to find Stillmaker in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Stillmaker In BG3: An Overview

Stillmaker in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a rare and powerful weapon that allows players to cast Hold Person, a spell.

Additionally, you can find this weapon in Act 3 inside a cave named “Cave Mouth”.

Similarly, the value of this weapon is 480, and it weighs 0.45.

Its unlockable skills and spells are Piercing Strike, Laceratem, Pommel Strike and Hold Person.

Open Hand Murder Quest In Baldur’s Gate 3

After reaching Act Three on Baldur’s Gate 3, players access Rivington.

When you get there, you’ll start hearing tales that the chief priest.

Apparently, Father Lorgan gets murdered by a Tiefling named Brilgor.

Although Valeria, an investigator, is already certain of this, something seems wrong.

Player entering the Open Hand Temple to meet with the priestress.
A player enters the Open Hand Temple to meet Sister Yannis.

The Sister will let you know that some hints or clues may still exist.

Hence, players have to further investigate the murder and find the murder weapon.

Ultimately, they must persuade Valeria to reconsider his conclusion about the murderer.

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Investigation And Clues Of The Murder

Players now have to reinvestigate the murder of Father Logan.

They must help solve Father’s mysterious death and look for more clues Valeria has missed.

Below are some clues and tricks players can use to connect the dots.

  1. Using the right spells, players can talk to the dead, i.e., Father Lorgan and Brilgor, who turns out to be dead too.
stillmaker bg3
Players can ask them directly about the murderer and where they were murdered.
  1. You’ll find a number of beds and chests inside the novice quarters. So, grab the treasure to open it using a pick.
Player investigating the crime scence
Look for a secret compartment and take a book to learn more about Father Lorgan.

With the meticulous investigation mentioned, players will learn that the killer is not Brilgor.

As a matter of fact, he has also been killed by the mysterious murderer.

By talking to the dead, players will learn that they died in the tunnels under the temple.

More importantly, the killer is a Dwarf in Red Clothing.

The Tunnels Under The Temple

Players now have to get to the previously mentioned Tunnels underneath the Temple.

Players can reach the tunnels using a Hatch in the Kitchen area.

They must pass a perception check to open a hidden door to the tunnels.

Player unraveling the secret door to the tunnels.
The player is unraveling the secret door to the tunnels.

On your way, you will encounter various shapeshifters in the cave.

You must take them out to obtain the murder weapon, i.e., the Stillmaker dagger.

Moreover, the dagger is in a hole near the ground near the wooden platform.

Furthermore, players have to pass a perception check to discover the hole.

Player obtaining the Stillmaker dagger from the Shapeshifters.
Players obtaining the Stillmaker dagger in the tunnels

They will also possess A Flower Key with the number Ten and A Clown’s Severed Torso.

Visiting The Investigator Valiera

Players must now visit Fraygo’s House, where the Flower Key opens a closet.

There they will find the evidence and a list of targets.

stillmaker bg3
You must visit the investigator Valiera.

Players can share their findings with investigator Valiera.

He always drinks on the second floor of Sharess’ Caress.

You must reveal that all of the murders are connected with a Bhaalist plot.

The Bottom Line

Stillmaker in BG3 is a murder weapon of Father Lorgan and Brigor.

Further, the evidence found in Fraygo’s House will also suggest that there is more to this murder.

Players have to convince Vailera with astute evidence to reconsider his conclusions.

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